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the REAL college ranking list | top colleges in the US

the REAL college ranking list | top colleges in the US

here’s the REAL college ranking list we are all asking for. jk nobody asked for this, but I know it’s college application season and people are picking where to apply so I thought this would be fun 😀 FYI this whole video is a joke, don’t take it too seriously. We all know that US news ranking drops a college list every year, so I thought I give you THE REAL LIST. ALSO THIS IS A JOKE. All the schools on this list are very very amazing schools and being top 30 of ANYTHING is seriously –wow, these are all WORLD famous schools okay.

Any college is a great college, and rankings TBH don’t matter and it’s all about networking and making sure YOU DO YOU at your school that is the best fit for you.

pls nobody get their feelings hurt. this is a JOKE ha! (but lowkey accurate) and just making fun of the dumb us news ranking list anyways

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