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The HIGHEST PAYING Associate Degrees (High Income, Less School)

The HIGHEST PAYING Associate Degrees (High Income, Less School)

Ever wonder what associate degrees pay the most? Well, you’re in luck, Today I’m talking about the top 10 associate degrees that pay well. I usually talk about the highest paying majors at the bachelors level, but a 4 year college degree isn’t right for everyone. In fact, some of the best associate degrees PAY MORE than bachelors degrees – If you learned something new from this video be sure to hit that like button!!

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Now, there are a lot of benefits to getting one of the top associate degrees, you can start earning money sooner, you spend less money on a college degree (less student debt), and you can always go back to school if you want to further your career. The best paid jobs with an associates degrees tend to be in specialized fields, so it is important to know what you enjoy doing and what type of career you want, if you choose this route. The highest paying 2 year degrees also tend do require further certifications and licensing to prove that you know what you’re doing. Some examples of jobs with high salary and less education are associate degree engineering, dental hygienists, respiratory therapists, and air traffic controllers. One of the most important things for 2 year majors that make a lot of money are accreditations, which I stress A LOT in this video. Even with the best associate degrees, if you cant prove your education was valuable it will be tough to find a job.

So, what associate degrees pay the most? Now YOU have the answer.

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