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PhD Application Tips! | Advice for Applying to PhD Programs

PhD Application Tips! | Advice for Applying to PhD Programs

I’ve been running PhD admissions for our department for years, and these are some of my best PhD application tips! Covers organization, reaching out to prospective advisors, personal statements/letters of purpose, tips for letters of recommendation, and how much GRE scores matter. This advice is most relevant for STEM and maybe especially Computer Science PhD programs, but a lot of it is definitely broadly applicable.

The first video in this series was about whether you should get a PhD at all: https://youtu.be/p4QiJNPSdWs

The next video in this series is about how to choose PhD programs to apply to. #gradschool #phd

Template for reaching out to potential advisors: https://twitter.com/cfiesler/status/1301907707579031555

Advice for new PhD students: https://youtu.be/Hh5b5wZzgBA

More on “it’s not you it’s them”: https://medium.com/@cfiesler/the-academic-job-search-its-not-you-it-s-them-41d3f4d47735

I tweet a lot: https://twitter.com/cfiesler