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How to Get an ACCREDITED American Bachelor's Degree SUPER FAST

How to Get an ACCREDITED American Bachelor's Degree SUPER FAST

I’ve helped more than a dozen people (aspiring English teachers and others) get their bachelor’s degree quickly and easily through a combination of credit by examination, online classes, and existing transfer credit. More often than not, as an ESL teacher overseas, immigration will want to know that you hold an accredited bachelor’s degree before they will process your visa to teach English. Most of the time there is no particular preference for your major, unless the job specifically calls for something or you’re teaching a certain flavor of ESL. In this video, I want to share how I quickly got my accredited bachelor’s degree mostly online and through credit by examination. Like anything worthwhile, it’s a process. It’s not super easy, but it can be super fast if you fully commit yourself to learning. The savings of credit by testing as opposed to taking the actual classes can be insane. CLEP exams right now, as of 2017, are around $120 each. Compare this to tuition for your average 3 credit class and you can save a ton–I know I did. I highly recommend this method of getting your degree for those who are willing to do things in an untraditional way. I have taken CLEP, DANTES, and Excelsior exams. This helped me get ahead quickly and jump right into teaching English abroad for maximum income. I coach clients on the process all the time.
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