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Academics criticise 'harassment' of university whistleblower

Academics criticise 'harassment' of university whistleblower


Academics from across the globe have condemned Murdoch University’s treatment of a whistleblower who spoke out about international student exploitation, saying they are “appalled” at what they see as an “extraordinary” attempt to intimidate him and others into silence, writes Christopher Knaus for The Guardian.

The Australian university is suing Associate Professor Gerd Schröder-Turk for criticising its treatment of international students during an episode of the ABC’s Four Corners programme. Schröder-Turk alleges the university retaliated against him within days of the programme airing, and he is now attempting to engage Western Australia’s whistleblower protections.

But the university has launched a cross-claim in the federal court alleging Schröder-Turk’s comments damaged its revenue and international student enrolments. It is reportedly suing him for millions in damages. The university’s actions have prompted withering criticism from a group of 23 academics in Australia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland and the United States.
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