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What Are The Best Colleges In The Country Looking For Today?

What Are The Best Colleges In The Country Looking For Today?

“You are more than your marks”- The best colleges in the world today.

There’s a strong reason why the best colleges around the world are restructuring their admission processes around this very thought.

In the early 2000s, scoring an 80+ in your boards would make you a celebrity around the local household. And with a score of 90+ news channels came to your house asking you about your preparation methods.  And not to forget a spot on the front page of the local newspapers reading, “Middle-Class Student Makes the State Proud”.

Gradually, the status quo built around just a 90+ score in the boards lost its shine when students started averaging around 95 marks.

So much so that now the only score that could make the ears flinch was a perfect 100!

In the year 2020, several students scored 99%, with Shirija a student of the Little Flower School, New Delhi, who scored a perfect 100 in Hindi, English, Maths, and Science. Her total score was 499/500, in which she just lost a mark in Social Science.

Interestingly some students were even disappointed with their scores of 97 and 98. 

Such is the scenario!

Now, scoping out our focus from the 99s and 100s, a total of 1,50,000 students scored 90+ in the CBSE Boards 2020.

And, mind me this is just a single board that we’re talking about. The Cambridge board, the ICSE board, and all the state boards combined take the tally well past 2,00,000!

Availability of seats in the best colleges today!

With a 90+ score, it is only fair to assume that you can crack the admission processes of the best colleges in the country.

But is that the case?

Well, let’s put these numbers against the number of seats available in the best colleges in the country, and find out.

Overall, a total of 1 crore students apply for college admissions every year, and when you put together the number of seats, there are about 5 lacs in top colleges. The reality is 95% of graduating students will not have a chance at the top universities.

Eliminating all the other criteria, at the very end there are 100 top candidates per seat.

And this is just the ratio for candidates with a 90+ score. 

Missed on the 90+ mark? Find out what you can do to be eligible for your dream college?

Of those 100 students, 70 are eliminated based on the final cut-off score. Now amongst the remaining 30, the final selection process is conducted to find that 1 ideal student.

The Final Selection

In the final selection round, all of the 30 candidates have exceptionally high scores. So, the credibility of scores becomes obsolete from this point onwards.

Now what guarantees a final selection is a solid student profile

But what do you mean by a student profile?

A student profile consists of 2 elementary  aspects:

1. Your real-life skills, &

2. Your Demonstrated Interest in the field that you are applying for.

Let’s understand what they mean in detail.

1.Your real-life skills

Knowing that tomato is a fruit is KNOWLEDGE, not putting it in a fruit salad is WISDOM”.

This is precisely what this section is about, i.e. how efficient are you with the practical applications of the knowledge that you have acquired over the years?

In total, there are 6 elementary real-life skills, and your grasp on each of these skills plays a major role in your journey towards success. They are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Adaptability

Colleges have realized that the presence of each of these skills is non-negotiable. As a result, they have dedicated a major section of their admission processes to evaluate their applicants based on these 5 factors. 

So, how would you rate your familiarity with the above 5 real-life skills?

Start Building & Developing Real-Life Skills Today! 

2. Your Demonstrated Interest 

Suppose you are applying for a seat in Journalism.

So, in the selection round just saying you are good at communications won’t get you into the Journalism Dept. in any of the best colleges in the country.

What debates have you participated in?

What internships have you completed?

Your answers to questions like these will.

Summing up, over the years what all extra-curricular activities have you partaken in to hone your interest in the field?
All that colleges want to know.

Do you have your list of extracurricular activities to showcase your demonstrated interest that you are passionate about?

How To Build Your Demonstrated Interest Profile? Learn Now!

So, that’s it. This is how colleges have churned up their admissions to pick only the candidates who are suited to the course.

Marks are important, but they are not enough!

Most people still believe that the importance of a solid student profile is only limited to foreign colleges and universities.

However, the fact remains that all mid to top-tier colleges in India have adapted their admission processes to evaluate based on student profiles. 

While the masses are still getting used to the fact, use the time to make the most of this scenario. Start building your student profile today!

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