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COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID (negotiation, college grants, scholarships, fafsa)

COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID (negotiation, college grants, scholarships, fafsa)

I go through EVERY type of aid and the differences in the types of aid (grants, word study, loans). We’ll also chat about ways to negotiate for more financial aid, how scholarships fit in, and just everything about financial aid that I wish I knew before applying to college.

Context 00:00
Types of Financial Aid 00:48
**IMPORTANT** My Breakdown for Financial Aid 3:13
Negotiating Financial Aid 09:45
Scholarships 13:02
~Fin~ 14:17

Welcome to my channel – College Tips From the Almost Astrophysicist! I’m Priya and I’m here to help you get into college. I’m a University of Chicago grad with an Astrophysics degree that currently works as a Data Scientist and I want to break down the college application process and tackle all of the misconceptions about college for you! Let me know in the comments section down below if you have any video requests, or just want to say hi! 🙂


(college grants, grants for college, how to apply for financial aid, fafsa)